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The Original Laceéis™ Corset Kit

Order your Laceéis Corset Kit in 3 easy steps!

  1. Choose your length.
  2. Choose your color.
  3. Pick your shipping method.

You can use the information on this page to figure out exactly what Corset Kit you need.


1. Length - What length of corset do you need?

Laceeis Corset LengthLaceeis Corset LenghtEach Laceeis Corset Kit includes the Loop system, matching Lace-up strap and Modesty Panel*. We also include complete instructions for easy installation.

* The modesty panel is the piece of fabric that fits behind the lace up, so that no skin shows through. Each modesty panel is 7" at the top and tapers down to 3" at the bottom. If larger is needed, please email us before you order for custom options.

Our Corset Kit system is available in a variety of lengths. You can order your Corset Kit in any of our standard options, from 6" to 18" long! Corset Kits are available up to 24" long as a special order.

2. Color - What color corset kit is best for you?

Laceeis Corset Kit zipper replacementWe have the right color for you! Various shades of whites and ivories make it easy to match your gown perfectly! Click on the picture to enlarge.

Not sure which color will be best for you? Order our Sample Color Card now! We will mail you out actual fabric samples to help you find the perfect color.

You can install the Laceéis Corset System in minutes, and it just takes three easy steps. All you need is a sewing machine. With just minimal sewing skills the Laceéis™ Corset will give you professional results. You can even install our corset system without removing the zipper and later remove the corset leaving your Gown intact! Are you making a Gown? Install the Laceéis™ Corset and you won't have to worry about whether your dress will fit on the big day. With the Laceéis™ corset, your Wedding Gown will adjust to you!

We sell our Laceéis™ corset system, as a kit and can be used with any pattern as well as used as a zipper or button replacement for purchased Dresses and Gowns.

Not sure which color to order? No problem. With just the click of a button, you can purchase a sample card. This card has actual fabric samples so you can match your wedding dress perfectly. Just choose between our Whites and Ivories card, or All Other Colors.
Fabric Sample Choices

3. Shipping - How fast do you need your corset kit mailed to you?

Shipping Options:

United States:
Standard (3-8 day) $3.50 - Priority (2-7 day) $7.50 - Express (1-3 day) $22.00

$6.00 First Class (10-15 days), Priority $22.00 (8-15 days), Express $40.00 (3-5 days)

Other Countries:
$10.00 First Class (10-15 days), Priority $28.00 (8-15 days), Express $50.00 (3-5 days)

Want More Information?

Please watch this video for more instruction on how easy it is to measure and install your Corset Kit.

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