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The Original LaceĆ©is™ Corset Kit

Laceeis Corset Add 7" to your wedding dressDoes a wedding dress not quite fit? Make the Wedding Gown more beautiful and adjustable with a lace-up corset back! Made from high quality Matte Bridal Satin available in a variety of colors including White, Soft White, Off-White (Diamond White), Candlelight, Ivory, Cream, Champagne, Black, Navy, Pink, Red. We also have Gold and Silver in either a satin sheen or Lamé metallic. The Laceeis Corset is easy to sew into a wedding dress; even easier than sewing in a zipper!

Add inches to your wedding dress, without altering or tailoring your gown. Installing a Laceeis Corset system into your gown will make it adjustable, adding inches! Plus, if sewn over a zipper, it can be removed later, without damaging your wedding dress at all! What a great and easy option for a wedding dress that dosen't fit!

Not sure which color to order? No problem. With just the click of a button, you can purchase a sample card. This card has actual fabric samples so you can match your wedding dress perfectly. Just choose between our Whites and Ivories card, or All Other Colors.
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Laceeis Corset
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